COVID-19 Precautions

Exciting News! I will be fully vaccinated by Mid April.

Living during a pandemic has drastically changed how we move within the world. While we've made a lot of adjustments & given up a lot of comforts, I aspire to take some of the anxieties away for the both of us so we can enjoy one another's company.

At this time, I have a 2 hour date minimum.

I ask all lovers to be tested regularly along with receiving a negative test result within the same week as our date. I also will be tested regularly and will remain low volume during the duration of the pandemic.

I also offer the option for longer dates, longer fly me to you's, & vacations / staycations to have us both quarantine for 14 days prior to our rendezvous. These engagements are prioritized as well as quoted at an unprecedented rate. 

Please inquire when booking for more information.

Until our world starts turning again, let's slow down & enjoy a moment together.


What are you waiting for?

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